Datavox L.L.C. Reports on the Growing VoIP Market


(Dubai, UAE) According to, the VoIP services market will almost double by 2020, growing from $70.9 billion in 2013 to $136.76 billion by 2020. An estimated 348.5 million people will be making use of this technology by that time, with many making use of the Grandstream pbx system. Individuals and businesses wishing to know more about this telephony service option should contact Datavox L.L.C., a Telecom Distributor in Dubai.

“Asia continues to be a growing market for VoIP services by 2020, thanks in part to its increasing subscriber base. Experts believe this market will grow at a 13.6 compound annual growth rate (CAGR) in terms of revenue and a 14.6 CAGR in terms of the subscriber base. Companies wishing to gain an edge over their competitors should consider making the switch to this type of service now. Doing so helps to ensure they remain competitive in terms of costs while meeting the needs of their clients,” the PR-Datavox team announces.

When it comes to Telephone Companies in Dubai and their products, Grandstream continues to be a popular choice, as it offers a wide range of telephones to meet the needs of all. The prices remain affordable, and all products are easy to use. One major benefit of choosing these phone systems is the high quality of both the audio and video.

“Companies need to ensure they are able to communicate with their customer base at all times, and Grandstream makes certain this is the case. Customers want to work with a business they can easily speak with, yet some phone systems come with audio and video issues. This is never the situation when a Grandstream product is selected,” the PR team goes on to say.

Small to mid-size businesses find these systems meet their needs in every way, as they come with advanced telephony features, such as hands-free speakerphones,Voice Mail, multi site connectivity, Telephone CRM Integration multi-line indication and more. Entry-level users find they can easily make use of this system, and those who have been working with VoIP systems for some time now find these phone systems take their business communications to a whole new level.

“Contact Datavox L.L.C. today to learn more about the benefits of IP phone systems and Grandstream systems in particular. Staff members are ready and willing to answer all questions concerning this telephony option. Many companies are now making the switch. Make sure you consider this option, so you stay ahead of the crowd while better meeting the needs of your clients,” the PR-Datavox team recommends.

About Datavox L.L.C.:

Datavox L.L.C. delivers IT business solutions and telephony systems, focusing on the achievement and success of their clients’ unique business objectives and challenges. Thanks to innovative techniques, the company delivers high quality and cost effective services and solutions in both the telecom and IT fields.


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