Get an entire cookbook full of

Get an entire cookbook full of

(July 17, 2014) This idea for inexpensive meals came from a student working on her master’s degree at NYU. Leanne Brown’s idea is a cookbook with $4 meals!

The book is called Good and Cheap.

“It’s a cookbook of good but delicious and inexpensive recipes for people who are living on food stamps, or as food cheap jerseys stamps are known these days SNAP,” said Leanne.

SNAP stands for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. The book was written for people with limited incomes, although anyone can buy the book or download the recipes.

All the recipes, like this Vegetable Jambalaya and Spicy Pulled Pork are simple to make, great to eat and cost very little!

“Pretty much everyone I meet wants to eat well, wants to feed their family well. But the challenge is doing that on $4 a day,” said Brown.

Good and Cheap is also available as a PDF download, and it’s free!

Leanne has posted the recipes online, and the PDF has been downloaded more than 200,000 times. But not everyone has a computer to download it or they’d prefer to have it in book form.