Get back with the gang for MPAC’s Christmas Extravaganza

Get back with the gang for MPAC’s Christmas Extravaganza

Down on their luck local theatre company, Cheap and Dodgy Promotions, have announced their much cherished Christmas Extravaganza will return to Mandurah Performing Arts Centre on Sunday December 4 for a 2pm matinee and 7.30pm evening show, as well as a 7.30pm performance on Monday December 5.

Times are tough, the economy has gone south and funds are scarce so the Cheap and Dodgy team of David Templeman, Carole Dhu and Geri Jones have warned this is likely to be their cheapest show yet.

Ageing gangster Al “The Boss” Maloney (Templeman), hi gangster moll Fanny Business (Dhu) and trusty “hit and miss man”, Louie (Jones) are joined by a bevy of gangsters and gals to present a fun filled show full of inappropriate jokes, poor taste skits and glass shattering songs.

“We really had to scrape the bottom of the barrel this year,” lamented executive producer Templeman.

Most of our performers are past it, and our two international acts include two rapdily fading matinee idols and a circus troupe that’s on its last legs.”

On top of the main act, the infamous and hard drinking Dean Fartin (Jones) and glittering entertainer Liberarsey (Templeman) are appearing straight form Las Vegas, complete with cheap jerseys cabaret style songs.

Also this year, the down and out Bunkum and Bustum Circus presents their ailing “Greatest Flop on Earth” one ring circus show, live (barely) on stage.

This will be Bunkum and Bustum’s final performance in Australia; banned in most states and threatened with deportation due to inappropriate treatment of clowns, this circus is sure to stun audiences (if they stay awake).

Unfortunately the Circus’s French contortionist, Flacid, may not be performing in our Mandurah shows as he pulled a muscle trying to tie himself into a bow at our last show in Dubbo.