BART plans to assess each

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To do that, BART plans to assess each station individually to examine what sorts of physical barriers it could put in place to stop riders from cheating the system. In many cases, that could mean installing 5 foot enclosures to prevent people from hopping over fences, similar to the enclosures at the Pittsburg/Bay Point station. It would also bolt shut unnecessary service gates the swinging doors that workers use to enter and exit the paid area of the station leaving just one gate at each booth that a station agent would control electronically, McCormick said..

My bewilderment aside, ‘Remember Us To Life’, is about far more than its initial quartet of singles. There are some, if not quite now then soon to be considered so, classic Spektor tracks here. Recalling thoughts of Nick Cave’s ‘Lyre Of Orpheus’, the magnificently recounted tale, ‘The Trapper And The Furrier’, is a theatrical master piece with plot twists, devilish characterisation, puzzled yet wry observation, doom laden outbursts and a fantastic looping piano arrangement.

“We need to care for our young people, not allowing them to be robbed of hope and condemned to a life on the streets,” Francis said. Army World War II jeep that is now an iconic minibus used by the Filipino everyman. He wore the same cheap, plastic yellow rain poncho handed out to the masses during his visit to Tacloban a day earlier..

Only a few specks of food dye though that’s a success. But I am having a blast. There is plenty of dancing and laughs everything you want from a night out.. The fate of Zee Music and Alpha Punjabi is not clear as both lag behind the ETC channels. However, Goyal assured the media that all the brands would maintain their distinctive identities under the new dispensation. The new combine claims to command a marketshare of 58 per cent in the Punjabi segment and 46 per cent in the Hindi movie segment.