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Home Remodeling Style Guide: The Best Way to Design Your Staircase For people who are building a new home with two or more levels, it is critical that you take into account where you plan to place your staircase and how you intend to design it to eloquently fit the style of your house. Your staircase purpose is not only to deliver people from one level of the home to another, it is also a way to add a touch of style, design and character to your home’s design in a way you never thought possible. It is also important to mention that you can use your staircase as a focal point towards the entrance of your house, but this is all dependent upon placement and where it is capable of fitting. In most cases, no pun intended, staircases are composed of three basic parts. If you have heard the term, a flight of stairs, this area is filled with the steps. It may also include a landing area which is the area the rests in between the flights. Every single step is composed of a tread, the area where your foot is placed, and a riser, the vertical area of the step, where you foot raises itself to walk up the staircase. It is common for most staircases to have handrails on either side, which are designed for support while you are walking between the varying levels. It is so important that you make sure your handrails are height specific before you bother making sure they are designed eloquently, all of which rests in safety precautions, so that people walking between the levels have a great support. The primary reason this is mandated is due to balance, and should be done so by ensuring the height is specific and proportionate, and also secured into the foundation of the wall or into the base of the staircase.
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You have the ability to choose from a vast array of staircase options, understanding that the one you select is dependent upon personal preference, the design of your home, as well as its personal functionality. For example, you can choose one that is a direct and straight flight of steps with no resting spaces in between or a spiral staircase, that wraps around in a circular type motion, occupying less square footage within your home. For those who would like to put landing areas throughout the staircase, it is advised you put them strategically in the middle or at quarter points. Additionally, a landing also grants you the opportunity to transform the direction of the staircase to the next level, so that it can make alternative shapes, quite similar to a spiral staircase. When remodeling or building a multi level home, please take all of these factors into consideration when designing your staircase.Overwhelmed by the Complexity of Businesses? This May Help