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Thing to Know About Car Title Loans There are certainly so many people today who have heard about the car title loans, yet are not able to understand what it is actually. There are even those that asks whether it is a safe financial option to opt and ask if it is suitable. This actually comes in various terms such as in loan title, pink slip loan and the auto title loan. Car title loans is in fact a collateral loan where the burrower will use his vehicle in order to secure a loan. The vehicle that is being handled will have a lien placed and that the borrower is going to be obligated to surrender a hard copy of the title. Another thing is that a duplicate of the key will be needed for it. In the case where the loan is repaid, the title as well as the key will be given back to the owner and also with the lien will be released again. In case the borrower will default with the loan payment, the car is going to be immediately reprocessed. The car title loans are considered as short term loans which actually carries high interest rates than the traditional loans, which any individual should be aware of. The lender is going to implement the procedure of checking the condition of the vehicle but will not look at the credit history of the borrower.
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In filing for a car title loan, it will only take 15 minutes for its completion. Any borrower is then going to acquire the amount of loan that they want.
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It is very important that you have a steady income source and also a steady employment. After the verification process, vehicles will then be inspected and then appraised before the funds are going to be released. The lender on this case is then going to give the borrower with at least 30% – 50% on the value of the vehicle. In this case, it is going to work as a cushion for the lender at when the borrower is going to default the loan and this is where the lender will sell the vehicle for them to be able to secure their money back. In most cases, loan repayments are done full in only a month. At times where more time is needed by the borrower to do a repayment, the lender is going to work on a different schedule. Some countries actually have their government limit the chance of rolling the loan so that the borrower will not be in a situation where they have endless debt cycles.