Looking at This Little Place in the Country

It is not so bad when I look at it just right, but the place needs a lot of work. The reason I find it attractive is pretty obvious when you look at the price I would be paying and the fact that I could probably get a much better price for it if I went to work and fixed it up just a little. I have been thinking about the fact that it is going to be hard to get cable in this location. Of course you can easily find really good Direct TV specials and the really big problem is getting the internet. In fact I hate the cable company and would be quite happy to dump them and trade them in for a satellite dish. I suspect that it is not going to be very hard at all for me to find out what is going to work and get a good deal.

You have to figure out if you can get a satellite first, but that probably is not something I need to worry about. The problem is is you have trees in the line of sight between you and the piece of the sky where you need to point the the satellite is. It is not that big of a deal if you are slightly blocked, a few leaves are not going to stop you. The problem is when you have bad conditions and then if you have a little blocking you it starts to make things worse and worse. It is going to be easy enough for me though as the way up to that part of the sky is quite easy to reach and I just have to mount the satellite dish up high above all of the structures on the house and get a line of sight.