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A Guide to Advertising and Effective Web Design All smart business people know that advertising plays a key role in their success. It may even be the most critical part in the process of establishing a business. Now matter how great your product is, your company may never survive if your advertising campaigns don’t work effectively. You have to tell everyone that you even exist. And then your product can do the rest of the work. But note that for your marketing strategy to be effective, it should include a good plan for advertising. When it comes to advertising, the Internet is among the best, if not the best, mediums you can count on. Print advertising has become more and more outdated, so companies should look for ways to stay competitive in this age. This indicates that online advertising must form part of your marketing campaign, and one of the first and most apparent ways to do this is start with a business website. Truth is, most people look for things they need online. That’s how it is these days. If you’re nowhere online, then you’re missing out on one of the best ways of making your business known. Then again, making a website is beyond purchasing a domain and your programmer buddy working a little bit of magic in under an hour. People know what a professional website looks like – clean, user-friendly and easy to navigate. If you don’t put enough importance on building good web design, that will make a bad impression for your business.
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One of the core elements of good web design is usability. People shouldn’t have to be programmers to know where to find what they want. Everything should be simple and obvious. This is what designers mean when they say intuitive design. A user’s intuition must be enough to get him from point A to point B. Don’t attempt to challenge your user’s patience by requiring a lot of actions before you bring him to your site’s core. A clickaway is what this scenario will likely translate to.
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User attention focus is another indispensable element of good web design. Dynamic websites are fun and cool, but you must stay true to the true purpose of your website, and that is to give what the user wants, not distract him with useless fancy tricks. Simple is good. Don’t complicate the process for users who came to find information. And don’t waste their time because it’s something they – and even you – value. Low traffic website owners fail to realize this, and that is why they barely make progress on their bottom line. Websites that are too fussy are plain annoying! And when you want to attract customers, annoying is the last thing you’d like your business to be. Remember, if you have great website, you’re doing a great job advertising your business.