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Choosing a Patent Translation Service When getting a patent abroad, one requirement is you need to have translate your present patent to multiple languages. This allows your products to reach more markets out there and you make more sales. Another thing to remember is you need to have your patent translation certified. This certification will provide you the legal protection you need for your intellectual property rights. Selecting a Patent Translation Company Patent translation is provided by translation service companies. This service is required when a manufacturer or investor seeks to patent his product or invention overseas.
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Applying for a patent can mean a tedious process. Every one of your official documents should be translated to the target language. If you’re thinking of getting a Patent Cooperation Treaty, then your patents will have to be translated to different languages simultaneously. The Patent Cooperation Treaty ensures that patents issues in any of the signatory countries will be honored in any other signatory country. Obviously, the is the easiest way to apply for a patent because it already covers a number of countries in just a single application.
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Patent translation is a rigorous job and that is why it’s not something you would refer to as cheap. A translation company has to employ many workers so it can provide translation services with the highest level of accuracy. Translators also work with other people who are experts in the subject of the technical documents to be translated. If the subject is biochemistry, for instance, the translator will partner with a biochemist to ensure that translation is most accurate. If you’re looking for a patent translation company, do not make price the sole consideration for hiring one. Remember, good translation services invest in the best people to provide superior output. When you settle for a cheap service, you could – and will most likely – end up with poor translation services and a lot of headache in the future. Always choose a well-established company, the one that stands to lose a lot if they came up with poor quality work. If you should hire a cheaper company, ensure that they are also known for accuracy in their work. If your patent needs subject matter expertise though, be prepared to make a bigger investment. Some service providers also partner with inventors or manufacturers as they seek patents in foreign countries. These companies take care of all the document translations and even have lawyers who help in the legal aspects of foreign patent applications. This is obviously perfect for those who know nothing about the whole process. Having professionals work on the applications is best because these people know exactly what to do, especially in increasing the chances of getting an approval.